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The reverse was designed by Luc Luycx and displays a globe in the bottom right.The (then 15) members of the EU are lightly highlighted and the northern part of Africa and the western part of Asia (including the Middle East) are shown.As the EU's membership has since expanded in 20, with further expansions envisaged, the common face of all euro coins from the value of 10 cent and above were redesigned in 2007 to show a new map.The 1 to 5 cent coins however did not change, as the highlighting of the old members over the globe was so faint it was not considered worth the cost.

National designs have seen some changes as new rules required that national designs should include the name of the issuing country: neither Finland and Belgium had shown their name, and so made minor changes.

The common side was designed by Luc Luycx, a Belgian artist who won a Europe-wide competition to design the new coins.

The design of the 1 to 5 cent coins was intended to show the European Union's (EU) place in the world (relative to Africa and Asia) while the one and two euro coins showed the 15 states as one and the 10 to 50 cent coins showed separate EU states.

To help you to identify which country your euro coins are from, we have provided this and a series of similar pages, each showing the obverse (national) side of each a particular coin denomination (value). Finland Shows a heraldic lion which is a reproduction of a design by the sculptor Heikki Hivoja.

The heraldic lion in different designs has been used in several Finnish coins over the years, for example on the 1 markka coins between 19.