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“In fact, with meeting a new person, a more realistic expectation is that it very well may not work out.” I go for a stroll in a buzzy neighbourhood, where I smile and say hello to slick yuppies exiting fancy restaurants and bearded locals walking their dogs. Two skateboarders and I chat about our favourite places to hang out in Toronto.I decline when they ask if I want to smoke weed in the KFC parking lot, but I feel like I’m making progress.I chug a double gin and tonic as the buzzer sounds and I begin my first of 10 five-minute dates in an hour.I talk to a Fed Ex manager with a sister who’s a country singer in Nashville, and a schmoozy finance guy whose wildest moment was having sex in a Gap change room.create more energy around your sexual chakra.” I go to Patrusha Sarakula’s cozy house for a chakra realignment—or something.She meets me wearing a designer sweatshirt and Frye boots.We go over them together: a good sense of humour, champion listening skills, a love of books.The last time I wrote a wish list was in high school.

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According to Ok Cupid, I am “More Independent,” “Less Love-Driven” and “Less Conventionally Moral” than the average user. I exchange messages with an arborist who calls himself “eating_almonds.” On his profile he admits to shoplifting Bioré pore strips, which I find oddly attractive.Boasting a BA in sociology and anthropology, she claims to be an expert on what men want, which is, apparently, women who sport bright colours, wear their hair down and exude a “cool, funny attitude.” She tells me the best way to flirt is to comment on the situation at hand, which is why it’s easy to pick up at a dog park. I don’t have a dog, so I arrive solo, in a bright summer dress and with my hair blown out.I’m worried I come across like the creepy dog voyeur I am. ” asks a handsome guy, as I reach down to shake paws with his black lab, Rupert. DAY 7: INITIATE, INITIATE, INITIATE I read, a forthcoming book by psychologist Shannon Kolakowski.I don’t meet anyone, but I do get talking to a 17-year-old girl named Spencer who attends an arts high school. She says I should meet her mom, who runs Evolution of a Butterfly, which offers “erotic and holy” workshops for women seeking their inner goddesses.Its website states: “You will learn techniques on how to …I’m pleased that after a decade of relationship experience, I’m looking for more than just a fan of The Strokes.