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Sophos enterprise solutions updating

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You can now join the Early Access Program (EAP) for Intercept X for mac OS.The EAP includes Crypto Guard, Root Cause Analysis, Malicious Traffic Detection, and a new endpoint UI.Read more The Crypto Guard for mac OS Early Access Program (EAP) ends soon.To continue using Crypto Guard, move endpoints to the Intercept X for mac OS EAP.SPF (Sender Policy Framework) authentication for inbound email is a great way to cut down spam and phishing attacks because it blocks spoofed email.Read more The Intercept X for mac OS EAP (Early Access Program) now supports TAP mode and Synchronized App Control when used with a Sophos UTM running SFOS v17 or later.Read more For ransomware protection on servers, remember to turn on Crypto Guard in your Threat Protection policies. Sophos for Virtual Environments now supports Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V.

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Read more Sophos Wireless now makes your life much easier, with better throughput at load, a power-save mode, and an enhanced recovery method for robust connectivity between the AP and Sophos Central.Sophos Central Device Encryption can now manage File Vault full disk encryption on mac OS 10.13 High Sierra clients.We’ve updated our privacy policy to reflect the new features of Intercept X.Read more Sophos for Virtual Environments now shows connected guest VMs in Sophos Central and detects malware in memory.We’ve added an option to launch Sophos Clean from a Crypto Guard alert in Sophos Central, plus Update Cache support for Server 2016.The option to send RCA ‘snapshot’ samples is now only available if you contact Technical Support for help.