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Returning back to Hinata, Keitaro learns that he would have to wait until the following year to study at Tokyo University due to having had to skip classes due to his injury.

However, in spite of this, when Keitaro learned that the promise that he had read in Naru’s diary was not to him but to her old tutor on the eve of the entrance exams, his distraction was such that he ended up failing the exam.Following their return to Hinata House, Keitaro begins looking for a job to restock his savings after the trip, however in the process he learns more about Naru’s promise and crush with her tutor.Eventually getting a job as an item mover for Noriyasu Seta, Keitaro becomes his assistant after demonstrating his ability to babysit Seta’s charge, Sarah Mc Dougal, however, when it is discovered that Seta was actually her tutor and the two are reacquainted, Keitaro helps Naru make her feelings known to Seta puts his feelings for her aside.He is a cram school student desperately trying to get into Tokyo University because of a childhood promise he had made even though he cannot remember the name or face of the girl with whom he made the promise to.Self-described as plain-looking and un-cute, Keitaro Urashima is an uninteresting guy and a failure as a second-year Ronin.Similar in temperament to Naru Narusegawa, Mizuho possesses a mean flying kick and great, although unorthodox, cooking skills.