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Diese sieht dann zum Beispiel folgendermaßen aus: Führt man nun auf der WSUS-Datenbank die Stored Procedure sp Get Obsolete Updates To Cleanup mit Hilfe des Kommandos EXEC sp Get Obsolete Updates To Cleanup aus, so werden alle Updates angezeigt, die nach Meinung des System gelöscht werden können.

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The UNWTO Recommendations on Accessible Tourism for All are meant to be used as a general, basic mainstreaming framework for ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the physical environment, the transportation system, information and communications channels, as well as to a wide range of public facilities and services.

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On Windows, text file "lines" are terminated with a "CRLF" while on Linux/UNIX, those text file lines are terminated with just a "LF" (for a tutorial on what that means, check here:

The first thing I feel to suggest you is to open and check the content of your and .htaccess files on your site's root.

Senior Professional Network and Computer Systems Engineer during work hours and father when home.

One Drive Mapper is a free, open source script I wrote which you can use as a logon or on demand script to map One Drive for Business and/or Sharepoint Online to driveletters, it has been downloaded over 300,000 times, has millions of users and is also listed on Technet.

It was designed to run in scenario’s where using the Onedrive for Business client is not feasible, such as multi-user environments like Citrix or within a Remote App.