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A single round hit the M-60 machine gun of Kyle’s partner, a twenty-five-year-old named Ryan Job. Job, who was critically wounded, was evacuated in a tracked personnel carrier.

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The checklist will identify milestones starting 180 days out (360 days for retirements/transfer to FMCR) from the anticipated separation date that must be considered and completed prior to the separation date.

Marines must return to the CONAD Separation Section no later than 20 days prior to their planned date of detachment to review documents and sign if necessary. Marines being separated from active duty are counseled by the command Transition Counselor (UTC) concerning the TAMP, TAP, and any other relevant civil readjustment programs. The Marine will be reminded of the requirement to attend the mandatory separations brief and the seminar provided by Henderson Hall. TAP/TAMP for Marines pending administrative separation should be scheduled as soon as the administrative separation process is initiated. Physicals should be scheduled no more than 12, but no less than 6 months, prior to the effective date of separation to allow time for necessary medical treatment or disability processing.

During this brief, each Marine will complete a case folder containing administrative forms providing information necessary for completion of the DD Form 214, NAVMC 11060, and other separation documentation based on their respective circumstances, as well as terminal leave and PTAD.

Administratively separated Marines must surrender their ID card during the check-out process.The DD Form 214 will be mailed to the address provided by the Marine prior to departure, or given to the Marine prior to PTAD or terminal leave. To receive reserve/retired ID cards, Marines are responsible for taking source documents to any ID card issuing facility.All active, National Guard, and Reserve activities with on-line access to DEERS may issue ID cards. Marines with a separation date falling on a weekend or holiday may elect to take terminal leave and detach on a workday.The request will establish a requested FMCR/retirement date and planned departure date.The checklist will serve as the source document for the Department diary entry. Requests will be submitted CONAD no earlier than 14 months and no later than 4 months prior to the requested date.Requests for Orders home awaiting PEB will contain a completed signed copy of the findings of the PEB proceedings indicating the member is unfit for duty and has fully accepted the findings of the Board and that no further hospitalization or treatment is required. If approved, the command must direct the Marine to report to the CONAD with a copy of the request.