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For the past two years, they have marketed their harissa under the “Errim” trade name.

– ‘Her own monthly salary’ – Since the launch of the cooperative, the farmers “have encouraged each other to make their mark.

Robust and with a nutty, pungent earthiness behind the heat, it gives a range of dishes a vivacious and dynamic backbone with more complexity than most other hot sauces offer.

Since I fell for harissa on my first trip to Tunisia a dozen years ago, it has become one of my kitchen staples.

It’s great for marinating skewers of chicken, delicious stirred into a pot of stewed lentils, and a spoonful adds a jaunty punch to scrambled eggs (particularly delicious when eaten as a vegetarian taco).

But if I have some homemade harissa on hand, or an artisanal jar from Tunisia, then I simply spoon some on a dish, give it a lacing of bold olive oil and use it as a dip for bread.