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The app boasts of boosting the relevance of the matches as they aren’t simply based on factors like distance and age.

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And they don’t want to have to jump through hoops for it.

If you’re blunt with him, it pays off big in the long term.

What do you prefer – a chaste kiss on the lips or a full on passionate lip lock with plenty of tongue? Guys love feeling desired almost as much as they love actually making love. im not a man but i know there´s lots of mistakes in this article. 5- Adventorous – Ok, ill take that 6- seductive – Sure, be seductive but not with him, that will give better results.

So if you can make him feel like you’re lusting after him, you’ll put a stamp in his mind that you’re the woman he wants to be with in the long term. If you are chasing a common sapiens this won´t work 1- Forthright – men easily get hurt when you tell them the truth straight and clear; they can easily acuse you of being unsensitive if you arte too blunt 2- independent – That´s ok but when you really are so independent you don´t need to sacrifice your freedom for any guy. They always want what they don´t have, if they feel too desirable they will believe it and you will pay the price. men just want a passionate hores in bed but they cant stand passion for life. Therés some other thing we bad girls do that is not adressed here and it is : Ignore them no matter what they do. Clever men will not adress this list, neither smart women will… Consious love is way a better bet to chase than stupid relationships with stupid regular sapiens.

Girls’ nights are the fuel that keeps young college women (barely) thriving.

Without quality time with my girlfriends, I would be much more of a mess than I already am.

Here’s a list of questions to discuss with your girlfriends the next time you have a girls’ night in (ranging from clean to dirty and personal).1. If you could date one celebrity, who would it be and why? If you could live anywhere in the world without having to worry about leaving friends/family behind, where would you want to live? You can only drink one brand and type of alcohol for the rest of your life. There’s nothing men hate more than trying to play mind games while figuring out what’s wrong.Or trying to figure out what they said to offend a woman while she gives him the silent treatment and sarcastic responses. They want you to tell them when they’ve messed up, so they can get better.One of the key reasons that men are terrified of commitment and settling down is because they don’t want to be locked into the same routine, day after day, doing the exact same thing over and over. If he’s the one always doing the work, it’s going to get boring for him.