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This mountain was considered holy to Buddhists as well.Mount Girnar is a major igneous plutonic complex which intruded into the basalts towards the close of the Deccan Trap period.Bij zo'n plaatselijke vereniging kunt u gemakkelijk in kontakt komen met andere vogelliefhebbers en deelnemen aan de activiteiten.Girnar, also known as Girinagar ('city-on-the-hill') or Revatak Parvata, is a group of mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat, India, situated near Junagadh.A long ridge runs up from the west, and culminates in a rugged scarped rock, on the top of which are the temples.Close to the old shrine is a well called the Chadani vav.It hosts a number of temples and some historical spots across its range.Amidst the lush green Gir Forest, the mountain range serves as the hub of religious activity.

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Different Jain Tirthankaras and monks have in the past visited and practiced severe penance at the peaks of Girnar.It is 3666 feet high, and is one of the most remarkable mountains in India.From the city of Junagarh, which is at an altitude of barely 351 feet only the top of Mount Girnar can be seen, as it has in front of it lower hills, of which Jogniya, or Laso Pawadi, 2527 feet; Lakhshman Tekri, Bensla, 2290 feet high; and Datar, 2779 feet high, are the principals.The rhyolite, though earlier considered a product of differentiation, is now believed to be an independent magma without any genetic link with the gabbro and its variants.The mountain Girnar is older than the Himalayas and the Jain temples upon it are amongst the most ancient in the country; it is the Nirvan bhumi of 22nd Tirthankara Neminath.The traveller, in order to reach Girnar Taleti from Junagadh city, will pass through the Wagheshwari or Vagheshwari Gate [Girnar Darwaza], which is close to the Uparkot fort area, Easterly.