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Stuff that undermines your efforts will have you depleting whatever reserves you have left and if you persist in holding on making yourself emotionally bankrupt – something has to give, and that something is Much like relationships, getting over a breakup doesn’t just ‘happen’ – they take work.

So we go back to the safe cocoon of feeling hurt, indignant, angry, frustrated and often in denial about our ex because it stalls the process of being 100% accountable for our own experience…even though we still are.Next thing you know, you’re hijacked by nostalgia or blame, obsessing, or even dialling or texting them.One of the things that will stall the process of letting go is if there is an underlying fear of ‘what happens next’. When I don’t have them to cry and complain over and to think about morning, noon and night, what am I going to do then?Spend some time writing out your thoughts (download my free Unsent Letter mini workbook) or at least if you’re going to think about your ex, commit to always answering these two questions: 1) What does this mean about him and the relationship?(Draw a conclusion) 2) What can I learn from this and apply to my future experiences?A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of not making someone the sole source of your happiness, your reason for being or your purpose, and explained that on a number of occasions I had believed I wouldn’t love again, that I wouldn’t recover and that I couldn’t be happy without them, only to discover that this was completely exaggerated and untrue.