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That means there are no winners in a nuclear war between two major powers and everyone is a loser.The two powers’ rationality insures that neither China nor the US would try to use nuclear war to achieve their goals for increased international status or international dominance.China should have more allies than the US, but unfortunately at this moment, we fall far short.Being humane not only requires having an ample number of allies but also being moral and having strong leadership, or as people nowadays like to say, undertaking more international responsibility.As for hegemony, I think China should not behave like the US.

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He identifies himself as a realist, but strongly believes in the need for novel approaches.

I think the most important debate in IR today is about the relationship between China and the US, that is, the main question is whether the competition between China and the US will result in a disaster—a repetition of the many examples throughout history when two great powers collide—meaning explicitly whether China’s rise will lead to wars between the major powers; the second issue is whether it’s possible for China to become a new superpower peacefully; and the third issue, thoroughly explored in my book, is whether China will behave like the historical hegemon or whether China will be a new kind of hegemon (Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power, 2011).

Firstly, talking about whether the rise of China will result in a world war, my argument is very clear: it is simply impossible.

Humane authority needs to have an efficient political system to mobilize both domestic and international resources.

Humane means a superpower has more friends and receives more international support than others.