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Sarmast, now seventeen, is still in high school and a part of the Nobel-nominated all-female cycling team that biked across Afghanistan.“I’ve got the opportunity to travel and represent my country in a good way, to remove the old idea of Afghanistan being the worst country to live,” says Sarmast.In addition to cycling, she is perfecting her German skills and studying at the Afghanistan National institute of Music.M., center, a 23-year-old Afghan rapper and member of a duo from Herat, hangs out at Aria Café. is critical of the Afghan government, which he incorporates into his music and lifestyle, and thus did not want to share his full sun is drooping in the December sky as cicadas weave ominous melodies into the summer air.

” Photographed in 2015, Maryam Sama, a news host for Tolo TV, sips her tea after her morning show.

Tolo TV, which is one of the only TV stations in Afghanistan to have female anchors, was targeted by a Taliban suicide attack in January 2016. Sama still lives in Kabul, and is also a part-time student at the American University of Afghanistan, where at least thirteen people were killed in an attack in August 2016. A teenage boy undergoes cosmetic surgery for hair implantation at one of the few cosmetic clinics in Kabul.

There are several skilled plastic surgeons in Afghanistan due to the demand over the last several decades for the treatment of war injuries.

However, due to the rise of Afghanistan’s middle class and the growing influence of international pop culture, cosmetic surgery has slowly become more culturally accepted, particularly among millennials, and the demand for such procedures has gone up.

In the Karte neighborhood of Kabul, a group of young fashion photographers have come together to organize the first male modeling agency in Afghanistan.